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Who is eligible to get FREE Domain name?

Everyone who purchase either RANK HERO or PROFESSIONAL WP Hosting plan.

How to Apply?

During the process of purchasing one of two eligible Hosting Plans, DON'T choose to have any Domains that you already have. Choose any subdomain so we can create an Account for you.
In "Additional Required Information" enter the desired .com or .info domain name (first check if it's avaolable to be registered).

Will it transfered to me?

If you wish to have full control of your Domain either wait at least 6 months or buy it 50% OFF!

How long will Domain name be FREE?

Domain will be free till the web hosting plan remains in active status.

When the Domain will be registered for me?

Once oyu have Active Hosting Plan(service), we will see what Domain you want.
We will register it for you and send you an e-mail when everything is set

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