Setup DNS on VPS

DNS on VPS requires a DNS plan. In order to use our DNS you must have purchased a DNS plan when you purchase your VPS or Kali Linux VPS.

If you did not purchase a VPS plan you can lodge a ticket and we can arrange this for you or you can purchase the DNS via the hosting addons.

Once the DNS addon is active in your account you then login to your cloud dashboard here

If your DNS service has been activated you will see a new menu option called DNS as per the image below

Click on the DNS menu option and you then can enter your domain name by clicking on Add Zone

In the Zone Name you enter your domain you want to use and the primary nameserver will be and email is your email address.

Once you enter all the information you then click Add Zone and you then can enter you indivudual DNS records such as A records, MX records and others.

Please note that DNS to the way DNS works it can take up to 24 hours for DNS to update globally so please be patient.

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