Game Servers

Dedicated hosting allows game servers to be online around the clock without any interruption and operate with a high-speed internet connection. Players will be able to sign in at anytime as the game server is always available.

The CPU, RAM, disk, and network on dedicated gaming servers are not shared with any other customer, allowing for increased performance. A dedicated hosting environment allows for full system control, privacy and remote access with administrative and root privileges.

Game providers can use our dedicated gaming servers to host Minecraft or a variety of different multiplayer experiences. The server can have different types of games running simultaneously. This allows gamers to play as a team on private game servers or in designated slots, depending on the preference.

The MMORPG server can be hosted on a dedicated server with the best available hardware. Intel processors are better for a minecraft dedicated server. RankHost has processors that offer more per-core performance. RAM and fast disks, such as solid state disks (SSDs) are also important to a game server, and available for upgrade with most dedicated servers.

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