Windows 10 IPMI VPN Setup

Windows 10 has modified default VPN settings, please use the instructions below to setup the VPN connection for IPMI/KVM access with Windows 10.
The following steps are to be taken when attempting to access the VPN:
1. Click on the network icon in tray, or find in Start menu "Network and Sharing Center".
2. Click on "Setup a new Connection or Network".
3. Choose "Connect to a Workplace".
4. Choose "Use my Internet Connection (VPN)"
5. Enter the VPN IP as provided in the Dedicated Panel in the "Internet Address" field.
6. Enter "IPMI VPN" in the "Destination Name" field.
7. Click Create.
8. Back in "Network and Sharing Center" click on "Change adapter settings".
9. Right click on "IPMI VPN" and choose "Properties". 
10. Under "Security" tab, choose "Type of VPN" as "PPTP".
11. Choose "Allow these protocols"
12. Choose "Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2) for authentication.
13. Click on Network icon in tray.
14. Select "IPMI VPN", click "Connect".
15. Enter username and password provided in the Dedicated Panel.
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